Say Goodbye To Those Monthly Cramps. You Won’t Believe What Helps

One of the irritating things about being a woman is that little visitor we get every month. Along with the symptoms of PMS that comes with it; cramps, lower back pain, fatigue etc. Of course, we’re all looking for the next best pain relief!

Well, ladies look no further instead of stocking up on paracetamol or Nurofen it has been stated that “marijuana tampons” is the next best painkiller. One woman reported in Broadly that her cramps disappeared within 20 minutes.

Legislators around New England are embracing some marijuana policies, though not without reservation.
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The tampons are produced by a company called Floria, which is known for other cannabis-infused products. These tampons help to ease discomfort without giving women a “psychotropic high.”

Although these are not yet approved by the FDA or been through clinical trials, people who have reviewed the tampons have stated they have helped with lower back pain and worked better than traditional painkillers.

One user wrote “I have endometriosis that returned after having a partial hysterectomy. When I have flare-ups, besides excruciating pain, I look pregnant and the inflammation affects my bladder. Foria is one of the very few things that brings me relief! You should share more of it’s uses.”

Another user Megan said her pain was normally unbearable. “I was able to prevent the worsening pain and cramping and piercing pains in my vaginal canal,” she wrote


According to the website a pack of four costs $44.

They also note “Cannabis has a long, cross-cultural history of use as a natural aide in easing symptoms associated with menstruation.”

“Our intention is to share the powerful medicinal properties of this plant while utilising modern extraction techniques to standardise purity and potency, thereby ensuring a safe and accessible experience for all women.”

The companies say these tampons can be used in conjunction with regular tampons however, the user should wait 15 minutes before inserting the regular tampon.

The tampons work by the vaginal walls absorbing the medication directly into the bloodstream, and the cannabinoids are supposed to cause the nerves in the uterus, cervix and ovaries to block out pain and relax the muscles.

The tampons are only available in Colorado and California and patients require a medical marijuana card or a doctor’s letter.

By Emma Cooper

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  1. I cant believe it is still illegal in todays socity I no so many people that smoke including my mum who is a christan who goes church EVERY SUNDAY

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