Girl Shares Her Boyfriend With Her Mum

DearCupid is a message board for users to ask other people for advice about there lives. There are threads such as “Should I tell my daughter about her biological father?”or “My housemate keeps having sex in our shared spaces and I don’t like it.”

Well recently there was a thread started by an anonymous 20-year-old girl titled “Should my Mom and I continue to share the same boyfriend?”

She wrote:

“My mom, A, fell pregnant at 15 and dropped out of school.

She later completed her matric and qualified as a nurse.

While my mother was studying my grandparents cared for me. My mother did not neglect me but regretted that she could not give me all the attention she wanted to. in spite of the problems she ensured that I had a good education.

My father disappeared when he learnt that my mother was pregnant. I never knew my father and my mom never married and as far as I know had another relationship.

I am 20 now and at university. My mom has youthful looks and people take us to be sisters. Last year I met this guy, S, and fell in love with him.
He is 26 and we have been having sex at least five times a week. S uses a condom when we have sex.

I introduced S to my mom and she immediately took a liking to him and became good friends.

In January this year my mother told me that she wants me to share S with her. I asked my mom what she meant and she told that she wanted S to have sex with her.

I was taken aback but since I love my mom and will do anything for her I agreed.

S was reluctant at first but relented and since then my mom and I have sex with S regularly.

My mom and I have sex with S in each others presence. My mom and I find it exciting to watch S having sex with us.

My question is ‘Should my mom and I continue having sex with him, and if so for how long?’

Both my mom and I are quite comfortable that S has sex with both of us.”

Here are some responses:

User YouWish said:

“Is this for real?!?

In each other’s presence?!? Uhh.

This has all sorts of wrong attached to it, borderline incestuous-feeling. But, you’ve already made your decisions about it, so continue until you don’t feel like it anymore??

My question to YOU is – you describe this situation as if you’ve been happy with it all along, yet then you ask the question. Why question what you’re happy with, unless you’re not happy with it and haven’t told us why you’re not.”

On anonymous user wrote:

“Do you have ANY idea how much this will have messed with your head? That this might leave an indelible mark and make you incapable of ever having a normal relationship in the future and the one person in the world whom you could have actually turned to (your mother) is part of something this unspeakable?!” they said.

The anonymous poster never followed up with the outcome of the complex situation. Obviously, she had doubts or else she wouldn’t have gone to a forum asking for advice. Is there a chance they can break this triangle without anyone getting hurt? Will this continue to be a mother/daughter bonding hobby with other men? How will this affect her future relationships? Why would her mother even dare think up of this plan in the first place?”

We this sounds a little freaky. Sharing your boyfriend with your mum and both having sex while the other watches that is a little weird. The mum shouldn’t want to share her daughter’s boyfriend. The mother obviously hasn’t grown up enough to think she can go share her kid’s boyfriend.


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